Training with Purpose

There is going to the gym and working out for the body you have and then there is training for the body you want.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting in your workouts to simply maintain or to help you manage the stress of life. The basic principle to maintaining our health is that we must promote a lifestyle of movement each and every day. This can be built based on the simple practice of walking and stretching. Two training principles that are part of every culture with good health and longevity.

Those that train with purpose are those who follow a plan. If you’re lacking in this area I can easily help you with a training plan for your fitness level and goals.

Beyond the training plan, we must also make a commitment to the areas of our training that support our time in the gym.

Here are just a few reminders:

1. Lift free weights. If you wish to have the strongest and most aesthetic physique then your primary lift in all your training should have you using free weights. Squat. Deadlift. Bench. Row. Overhead Press. Pull Ups.

2. Training in all planes of motion. This should be part of your dynamic warm-ups and in one or more of your secondary movements. This can be accomplished by stacking the exercise together in your training program, making sure you have them in your plan for the week, or can incorporate multi-plane exercises into your training. Lunges or Step Ups with Trunk Rotation. Mace Training or Club Bell Training. Kettlebell Windmills or Turkish Get Ups.

3. Train the muscles you don’t see. Many people want to train mostly the muscles they can see. It’s possible this way of training can cause some imbalance in the body, but mostly it just creates a weak chink in one’s armor. It’s one thing if you’re working on an area more to specifically bring up the development of that area for symmetry. What I’m referring to is the neglect of certain areas. Areas such as the Rear Delts, Hamstrings, Lower Lats, Rhomboids, and Trap 3 Development.

4. Focus on the fuel you put into your body. This is not just about pre and post-workout Nutrition. Take greater responsibility in putting higher quality fuel into your body at all times. Fruits. Veggies. Meat. Fish. Eggs. Nuts. Seeds.

5. Get the sleep your body needs. Make it your goal to get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Take additional naps when possible. This might be difficult for many people due to work, school, and other responsibilities. Do all you can to ensure you get the proper sleep you need. Don’t convince yourself you don’t need as much sleep. You need sleep for the best results. Lack of sleep will affect both your training now and your health long term.

6. Hydration! Most of us need to improve in this area. Create reminders. Always have water in sight. Dehydration begins with just a 2% loss of water weight. You can easily lose 6 to 10% in one visit to the gym. Drink water before, during, and after your training.

Train with purpose and you will see and feel the changes.