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Medifast Diet

Introduction In the early 1980s, a John Hopkins University physician developed the Medifast program for surgical patients as a way to lose weight quickly prior to surgery.  Once only available through a physician’s office, the program is now available in the mainstream diet market and can be undertaken without the approval of a physician.   Promise […]

The Four-Day Diet

Introduction Do you get bored with eating the same foods on a diet?  Do you find yourself quitting because you just can’t take the monotony anymore?  Then, you are not alone and are likely the reason Ian K. Smith, MD, a diet expert for the VHI show Celebrity Fit Club created The 4 Day Diet.  […]

Every Other Day Diet

Introduction The Every Other Day Diet, often referred to as the QOD or EODD diet, actually refers to two diets, which are similar in their approach to weight loss.  Retired kidney specialist, Dr. John Daugirdas wrote The QOD Diet (QOD), and former overweight turned-fitness-experts Jon Benson and Janis Hauser collaborated on The Every Other Day […]

Eat-Clean Diet

Introduction The Eat-Clean diet is based on the personal experiences of Oxygen Magazine columnist Tosca Reno.  Once weighing in at over 200 lbs. and lacking in energy, Reno decided to chronicle her approach and journey of weight loss in her book, Eat Clean Diet.  Two years later, she followed up with her Eat Clean Diet […]

Cabbage Soup Diet

Introduction Versions of this diet abound, with many claiming it was designed by a hospital (Sacred Heart, Mayo, etc.) for patients needing to lose weight quickly for surgery.  However, no hospital has ever stepped forward and “claimed” it as its own.  Over the last few years, several books have also been written offering up a […]

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Introduction Seven-time Mr. Natural Bodybuilding champion, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), and personal trainer, Tom Venuto created the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (BFFM) program about six years ago.  Since then, it has become one of the bestselling downloadable health books on the internet.   The program is not specifically a weight loss tool, […]

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

Introduction Self-improvement guru and psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw spent eight years counseling people who were up to 300 pounds overweight.  Those experiences created the foundation for his best-selling book The Ultimate Weight Solution:  The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.  In the book, he outlines his “seven keys to weight loss freedom.” Promise You can […]

Blood Type Diet

Introduction Naturopath, Dr. Peter D’Adamo wrote the bestseller Eat Right 4 Your Type in the late 1990s.  In the book, D’Adamo claims that blood type is “the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality, and emotional strength.”  From his book and research, the Blood Type Diet (BTD) was […]

Raw Food Diet

Introduction The “mother of living foods”, Ann Wigmore, was an American self-taught nutritionist, whole foods advocate, and health educator who has been accredited with popularizing the raw food diet in the 1950s.  However, it was not until the 1990s when celebrities such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting started advocating the benefits of an […]

Gluten Free Diet

Introduction The Gluten-Free Diet did not start out as a weight loss plan, but a diet followed the approximately one percent of people who suffer from celiac disease.  Some “experts” believe that a gluten-free diet may assist people with losing weight, and have even convinced some celebrities like Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow to try a […]