The Problem with Trainers Today

Working with a personal trainer can be invaluable in terms of helping you to meet your fitness goals.  The right personal trainer can help you design the best fitness program to keep you motivated.  Finding the perfect personal trainer is key.  Unfortunately, even after you think you’ve found the right one, you may encounter problems that can be harmful to your fitness agenda.  Problems like: 

An Inattentive Trainer.  When you are working out with a trainer, you deserve their undivided attention.  The occasional disruption is bound to happen, but if your trainer is continually interrupting your sessions by talking with friends or co-workers, taking calls from other clients, or cramming in a workout of their own, it may be time to speak up.

An Uncommunicative Trainer.  Your personal trainer should be available to answer your questions or handle your concerns, even if they arise outside of a scheduled appointment.  Communication is crucial to your success.  Generally, your trainer should be responding to you within 24 to 48 hours.  

Unnecessary supplements.  Some trainers sell supplements and that’s not a bad thing.  However, if they continually push you to buy and say it’s mandatory, that’s a flag.

Clash of Personalities.  Having a good relationship with your personal trainer often boils down to personality compatibility.  If you respond well to a vocal trainer that’s going to push you, then don’t sign up with someone whose style is more quiet and laid back.