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Want Milk?

One of the more popular marketing campaigns of the last decade has been the one mounted by the milk industry.  Who hasn’t seen the advertisements with well-known celebrities sporting fake milk mustaches, clutching a glass of milk, and asking you if you have “Got Milk?”  Well, we definitely have milk, but the bigger question may […]

Dirty Meat Takes a Toll

It seems like every few months when we turn on the news, we are hearing about another meat recall.  E coli contamination is an often-used reason and not surprising considering the USDA has reported that 60 percent of the largest meat plants in the US have failed to meet federal food safety regulations for preventing […]

Yogurt: The Other Dairy Product

Yogurt is usually on most lists of healthy foods, and for good reason.  Yogurt is a great low-fat food packed with tons of calcium (45% in one serving), protein, and other vital nutrients like potassium, iodine, and Vitamin B.  Eating yogurt daily provides you with a ton of health benefits.  Yogurt can: support your immune […]