Take Action

Success doesn’t come from talking about what you want.

The ability to take action is the big divide between those who talk about what they are going to do and those that are doing something.

The world is full of dreamers, but we only ever know of the ones who took action.

Take the leap!

Even the smallest action is better than standing still.

Planning is important, but the reality is that taking even the smallest action will produce results that can demonstrate for you the benefits of taking action. With action, you can create momentum that will carry you forward toward and through the obstacles.

Done is always better than perfect.

The discipline to take action is not something you can inherit.
The desire to take action can not be bought or sold.

The determination to take action can’t come from what others want or expect of you.

You must know your purpose to build discipline.
You must invest in your vision to create true desire.
You must want what’s best for you to have the determination to succeed.

Action is the core of your existence.

Be someone who learns by doing.

Be someone who grows through an action-based process.

Don’t make your goal a fantasy by just talking about it.
Only through action will your dreams have a chance to become real.

The moment you take action you begin to see things more clearly.
The moment you take action you are no longer thinking and feeling the same.
The moment you take action you become more of who you must be in order to succeed.