The Beer Drinker’s “Diet”


Bradley Scott Cailor describes himself as a former yo-yo dieter and average guy who likes his beer.  Cailor decided to write about his extreme obesity and eventual journey of weight loss in his book, The Beer Drinker’s “Diet”.  Cailor’s approach to weight loss, which is described in the book, is not as much a specific diet approach as one man’s journaling of what worked for him and how a regular guy can be successful in losing those extra pounds.


You can lose weight without having to give up your beer.  


The basic premise of the Beer Drinker’s Diet is mainly motivational.  The key tenants of Cailor’s approach include eating a sensible diet, watching calories, exercising, and feeling no guilt if you decide to indulge in the occasional alcoholic beverage. 

Program Overview

If you are a lover of beer and think you have found a diet that will allow you to drink beer to your heart’s content, you will be sadly disappointed. As Cailor points out, his book was never intended to be a “beer-guzzling manual” but more of a health guide for regular people.  

Cailor does not provide a specific diet plan and instead places a lot of emphasis and responsibility on the individual to create a plan that works for them.   He does offer several general tips and guidelines for developing an individual plan such as eating a sensible diet, portion control (eating 5 to 6 smaller meals a day), calorie counting, avoiding excess sugar and junk food, and eating plenty of fiber.  Cailor believes beer is fine while dieting, but believes it should definitely occur in moderation.  

Plan Strengths

Many of his suggestions and tips are great for developing healthy-eating habits such as eliminating excess sugar and junk food, eating plenty of fiber, practicing portion and calorie control, and exercising.  For dieters who cringe at the idea of giving up alcohol while attempting to lose weight, the idea of being able to occasionally indulge in a favorite beverage is also attractive.

Plan Weaknesses

This is not an actual diet in the traditional sense, but more journaling of one man’s success in weight loss.  It is a great testimonial to his individual success but does not provide a specific weight loss road map.  For people who are looking for a plan that is laid out in black and white, the approach of coming up with your own plan will not be appealing.

Cailor’s approach lacks clinical studies to back it up; however, he is quick to point out that all the research in his book is based on the success of other people whom he interviewed or read about.


The Beer Drinker’s “Diet” is not a diet plan per see. If you look at it more as a motivational journey of one man’s success instead of a scientifically proven diet approach, you will not be disappointed.  It does provide several good tips and suggestions that will promote a healthy lifestyle.  However, if you are looking for an approach that provides more specific guidance in terms of what to eat and what exercises to do, or a license to drink beer freely, you will definitely feel shortchanged.

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