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Want Milk?

One of the more popular marketing campaigns of the last decade has been the one mounted by the milk industry.  Who hasn’t seen the advertisements with well-known celebrities sporting fake milk mustaches, clutching a glass of milk, and asking you if you have “Got Milk?”  Well, we definitely have milk, but the bigger question may […]

Dirty Meat Takes a Toll

It seems like every few months when we turn on the news, we are hearing about another meat recall.  E coli contamination is an often-used reason and not surprising considering the USDA has reported that 60 percent of the largest meat plants in the US have failed to meet federal food safety regulations for preventing […]

Is Eating Seafood Good or Bad?

Seafood is a great low-fat, high-quality protein.  It’s filled with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins such as D and B2, and is rich in calcium and minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium.  Unfortunately, research over the last few years has alerted consumers to a few concerns.  Primarily that harmful substances such as […]

Medifast Diet

Introduction In the early 1980s, a John Hopkins University physician developed the Medifast program for surgical patients as a way to lose weight quickly prior to surgery.  Once only available through a physician’s office, the program is now available in the mainstream diet market and can be undertaken without the approval of a physician.   Promise […]

Can You Really Freeze Off the Fat?

Is Cryolipolysis the Miracle Fat Cell Killer? Did you know there’s a medical procedure that claims to destroy fat cells?  No, I’m not talking about liposuction.  In fact, a procedure called lipolysis attempts to dissolve fat cells using non-surgical means such as laser, ultrasound, or RF current.  A few manufacturers, including Zeltiq Aesthetics, have actually […]

The Radiation Diet

Introduction History is marked by environmental disasters that have resulted in people being exposed to radiation.  While the devastating disaster of Japan is still unfolding, and the full extent of the damage is unlikely to be known for some time, there have been other events that come to mind.  Russia’s Chernobyl and the U.S.’s Three […]

12-Week Weight Room Workout

Phase 1: 3-Day Routine with Combined Training Split Weeks 1-6  Warm-up: Perform 5-10 minutes of cardio to warm up if you are not doing your cardio first. Also, perform some light stretches.  Rest between sets should start at 60 to 90 seconds and progress to 90 to 180 seconds in the later sets. Record rest […]

Diets for the Summer

Introduction It seems like every time the temperatures start falling and the days start growing shorter, many people begin packing on the pounds.  You may think this is an exaggeration or a reflection of poor willpower around two huge holidays focused on eating, but there is an actual physiological explanation.   As the weather gets colder, […]