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Focus Matters

Some personal trainers promote programs that focus on losing weight.  It sounds good when you’re struggling with a weight problem and looking for a solution, but this may well be a recipe for failure instead of success.   Weight loss programs are geared toward individuals wanting to lose weight.  You already know to lose weight you […]

Pump It Up Ladies

Many women cringe whenever a trainer suggests adding weight lifting to their fitness regimen.  Fears of bulking up like Arnold Schwarzenegger spring to mind and the idea is shot down without consideration.  This is unfortunate because the benefits of lifting weights far outweigh any baseless fears you may have. The reality is that muscle burns […]

Thin Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy

True or False.  An overweight active person can be healthier than a skinny inactive individual.  If you answered, “false,” you’d be wrong!   As hard as this may be to believe, weight is not always a great indicator of health, and being thin certainly doesn’t mean you’re healthy.   Researchers have found that thin people who maintain […]

The Problem with Trainers Today

Working with a personal trainer can be invaluable in terms of helping you to meet your fitness goals.  The right personal trainer can help you design the best fitness program to keep you motivated.  Finding the perfect personal trainer is key.  Unfortunately, even after you think you’ve found the right one, you may encounter problems […]

Exercise Injury Prevention

Anyone who has ever experienced an injury knows that when you are forced to change your routine to one of inactivity to heal is frustrating. Nobody likes to put their goals on hold. For some people, what should be a momentary setback often ends up derailing their success. Witnessing all your hard work slip away […]

Choosing a Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are a wonderful way for you to take your baby or toddler with you for a run or walk.  Not only can you maintain your exercise regimen, but your baby gets some fresh air and can enjoy the stimulating outdoor scenery.  It’s a win-win for everyone! The popularity of jogging strollers has grown […]

Not Too Muscle Bound to Run

Suggest to a bodybuilder that they should incorporate running into their training regimen and they are likely to look at you as if you have grown a second head.   A few might even ask why on earth would they want to lose the muscle mass they have worked so hard to put on.  I’ll […]